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What other people have said.

I was so impressed the first time I went to the shop, it was everything I wasn’t expecting.  Clean, light and airy and I was greeted with a warm friendly smile and was made to feel really welcome. Behind the smile, a mum just like me who went out of her way to help me. Brilliant and that was just the reception.
Since my first visit to the shop I have had three tattoos by Graeme. The first two were very simple designs which he did brilliantly. For the last one I gave him a basic idea and he turned it into something amazingly beautiful. He is a fantastic artist and just knows what is going to work. I put my complete trust in him and the result blew me away. There is no way I’d ever get tattooed by any one else. I have and will continue to recommend him to every one I know.
                                                                      Rachel Kennerley
I am more than impressed with the work from graeme at GB ART its amazing i have had several bits of work done there and i keep goin back i am always happy when i go into the shop and even happier when i leave i am very much lookin forward to gettin my tribal finished its bin a long overdue thing and it will not just be my largest tattoo but also the one with most thought and dedication to get finished and perfect to the specification myself and Graeme want , This is by far the best tattoo shop i have ever used and i will be a regular customer
                                          Bobby Facey
Hi, i just wanted to say that i had my first tattoo done on my right shoulder the other day at GB art tattoos and i am so happy and impressed that i will be going back for another one soon, they made me feel at ease job well done and thank you
                        Sincerely, Louise
Had my first tattoo done here at the age of 50, although I have several from years gone by. The premises are clean & healthy, the staff are friendly & put you at ease. Graeme is a great artist, willing to expand on your designs & makes the tattoo feel painless. If you are a youngperson (over 18 obviously) or haven't used this business before, I strongly recommend that you pay him a visit. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.Mike CarterBarnstaple

 Wow! Graeme brought my idea to life, and now I have a stunning tattoo on my arm, I had been to another guy for my previous tattoo but wish that I had gone to Graeme first, virtually painless just how I like it. This is only my second tattoo but I think I may have the bug for more and will certainly be going back to GB-Art next time. The whole process from inception to the finished tattoo was friendly and professional. Graeme has a passion about his art and it shows, a one man band who gets my vote. Cheers GB-Art, "I'll be back!".    Matt Iliff

 Well I said that I would be back! Back in October I had my second tattoo but first one by Graeme and swore that I would return for more. And so it came to pass that within two months I had booked a whole day to have both my forearms done in one sitting, well why not!

The day came and went and now proudly display my two new pieces of art at every opportunity, as usual Graeme was spot on with the ideas we had come up with but I will always let him do what is right for both me and my tattoo. Another job well done, thanks.
But now to more important business, in my last testimonial I mentioned that Graeme was a one man band, boy did I pay for that the next time I went in.
As we all know you cannot have a "ying" without a "yang" and sitting front of house we have the "yang", Louise makes you feel very much at ease from when you go in the door to the moment you are about to leave, as long as you have paid the bill that is. There will always be a smile on her face for you and the coffee is great, thanks Louise for all you do.
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